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The Journeys of a Lifetime – adventures around each corner are:

Experiences and travels from me Kirsten K Kester, aka K.

Curiosity has been bubbling in me for as long as I can remember, and I love getting answers to all sorts of things. 

Know people’s cultures and stories, watch animals hunt on the Savannah, dive with sharks, and people says I easily get into weird situations all over the world.

My curiosity drives me forward, makes me brave, tough and determined.  .  It takes piles of stubbornness to travel to the parts of the world I have experienced, in a wheelchair.

As I recall, I have never said no to opportunities for new adventures, new paths that should be experienced, or new people I must meet.

On a daily basis, I am an illustrator and artist at Studio K and as already indicated, globetrotter – this is me in nice company with my wonderful husband, yes and my wheelchair, as often as possible.

Min mand og jeg tomler i Australien

— In the meantime, I have become ill, and have for several years, been sick with the insane disease Postcommotio Syndrome [PCS] / Tbi.

Unfortunately, this means that my Journeys are not as on the adventurous as they used to be; but now, are of the quieter kind.

With all my might, on top of my PCS, I try to avoid the madness. PCS is not for the faint of heart or for anyone at all, and the road to healing is not straight forward, long and far too convoluted.

I write a bit about this, every now and then.

With my disability Arthrogryposis Multiplex AMC; I’m on a journey few know about.  This journey is full of crazy, fun, and sometimes insane experiences.  I occasionally share a few if these stories.

The journeys in my life are, as you have just read, of quite a different nature.  Here are the really boring journeys.  The rough and the shaky, the emotional and of course the journeys, which are unsurpassed, and absolutely wonderful.

You can read about people, culture, food, art, history, disease, wildlife, architecture, love, and everything else that connects life and human existence.  It’s a big mouthful, all a segment of my life. 

“I kunsten finder du liv, som er levet — På rejsen finder du kunsten at leve . . ”

Kirsten K Kester

Stories are created on the journey. Narratives shed light on perspective.
Stories create connections and explanations between all of us, and support the difference between us.
Stories are past that connect us to the present and give us a future.

— Here on the blog I share my stories. These are my latest:

At Facebook you’ll find a mixture of mine and other people’s stories.
(I share other people’s stories because I’m sick with Post Concussion Syndrome).

At Instagram I show photos from my hometown Aarhus, ongoing journeys or previous. Small moments or things that makes me happy, surprised or something like.

Enjoy the moment

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991